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Physical Therapy in Highlands Ranch

Women doing physical therapyJust think of the stress put on your body every single day. You sleep in the same position, drive slouched to one side or sit with your feet tucked under you on the couch. Every person has repetitive movements that can take a toll on their body. If you were to correct them, you could be saving yourself from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

That’s why we combine the benefits of chiropractic with physical therapy. We find that our patients can get better, faster and stay well for longer with our multifaceted approach to care.

What to Expect

At your first appointment, you’ll have a full examination with Dr. Ryan. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around. He’ll perform a range of testing, then sit down to analyze your case. You’ll start your care on the second visit after going over a report of his findings.

Move Better, Live Better

There is a broad range of benefits that you can experience from having physical therapy. Our patients report that they can move around better than they used to. They’re able to live a more active lifestyle and do everything that they want to do, free from restrictions.

Team member headshotMeet Our Physical Therapy Technician

Kali Jones grew up in Omaha, Nebraska where she attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Kali started her career working in a gym as a Fitness Counselor and went on to get her Personal Trainer Certification through NASM in 2015. Shortly after, she began work as a kickboxing instructor and weight loss consultant. In the last 4 years she has continued her education to get specializations in Fitness Nutrition, Youth Exercise, and Women’s Fitness. She strongly believes in the work of chiropractic and the benefits it has for children and adults and has worked specifically in the chiropractic field since 2017. When she is not working she is spending time with her 2 year old daughter, promoting wellness for mothers through an online blog, playing music, and traveling and hiking all the beautiful places in Colorado.

Book Your Visit With Us

Learn more about the benefits of our natural care. Contact HealthSource of Highlands Ranch East today to schedule a same-day visit! You can use your insurance coverage for your appointments with us.

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